old packaging by the group before training by KRC-Uganda

Upon completing my final exams, I fell ill unexpectedly. Despite the initial support from friends, some, including my closest companions, lost hope in my recovery and took possession of my belongings, anticipating the worst. Unable to afford medical treatment in Kampala, I was eventually taken to my home village. The illness was attributed to spiritual causes, and the ordeal persisted for six months. Eventually, I was healed, and a church member intervened on my behalf, securing a job for me in a nearby school.

Starting my career as a teacher in 2015, I encountered the challenge of not possessing suitable clothing for the role. Despite earning a meagre monthly salary of 100,000 Ugandan Shillings, I had no choice but to accept the position. Through hard work and dedication, I garnered recognition from a sister school, which not only offered me a job but also tripled my salary. I diligently served there for three years until the school encountered financial hardships, leading to optional salary payments. Upon requesting my rightful pay, I was promptly replaced.


Local beehives that the group owns for their Apiary project

Taking the matter to the labour office, I eventually received my dues in instalments. Three months later, another school offered me a job, albeit far from my home village. The director appreciated my work and appointed me as the deputy head teacher. However, salary payments were irregular, with the director justifying the delay by emphasizing that we should prioritize service due to our position in the system. The year 2020 brought the unexpected challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the immediate closure of the school. Financially strained and with no means of transportation for teachers, I returned home with nothing. Exploring various income-generating opportunities, I learned about beekeeping from a resident who made local hives. Starting a group and focusing on apiary, we registered and had our first successful harvest in 2021.

 The new and modern packaging that the group adopted after the training from the KRC-Uganda Staff.

The turning point came when Ms. Alice from KRC-Uganda visited our village. After registering us, youth champions were called for training, emphasizing value addition and marketing. Our production capacity improved, and we began making beehives for sale, harvesting, processing, and packaging honey in a more efficient manner. Even the district showed interest in supporting our activities.  

Some of the Beehives sold by the group to earn extra income

Currently, we sell beehives for 20,000 Ugandan Shillings each and honey in various sizes ranging from 2,000 to 400,000 Ugandan Shillings. In just two years, I have transitioned from being a teacher to becoming a successful beekeeper. I have acquired a motorcycle, land, a laptop, a printer, and expanded my network. KRC-Uganda challenged us to earn at least 3.5 million shillings annually, a goal that I believe I am achieving. I am no longer a job seeker; my journey has been from grass to grace.

By Alice Kabajogya

Project Assistant


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