The Supremacy of Nutrition Education

and Counselling


Distinguished individuals in our communities that are dedicated in playing a critical and positive role in conflict resolution Hotline Contact +256 772 911 693
+256 758 911 693

Combatting Monocropping with Integrated


The practice of cultivating a single crop repeatedly offers neither the dietary diversity we need nor the ecological balance our eco systems crave. Hotline Contact +256 772 911 693
+256 758 911 693

Reflecting on Youth Skilling in


Extraction Project

Equipping youth with essential skills in banana stem fibre extraction and craft making to not only acquire skills but to actively contribute to benefit from the burgeoning agriculture sector Hotline Contact +256 772 911 693
+256 758 911 693

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Kabarole Research and Resource Center – Uganda

KRC-UGANDA, established in 1996, is a dedicated research, advocacy, and community development organization. At the heart of our mission lies the steadfast belief that meaningful, actionable data serves as the cornerstone for driving impactful development programs. With a proven commitment to fostering positive change and progress within communities, we strive to provide valuable insights that empower informed decision-making, ensuring sustainable and effective development initiatives. Join us in our journey towards a brighter future for Uganda and beyond.

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