Welcome to KRC-UGANDA, a nationally recognized research, advocacy, and community development organization dedicated to catalyzing positive change. Established in 1996 and proudly registered with the National Bureau for NGOs in Uganda (Registration number S.5914/1956), we embody a steadfast commitment to utilizing meaningful, actionable data as the linchpin for effective development programs. At KRC-UGANDA, we firmly believe that empowering communities requires a comprehensive understanding of their needs. This belief propels us to undertake Action Research, a process through which we implement development interventions that not only transform local communities but also contribute valuable knowledge to national and global development discussions. 

Our development ideology embraces a holistic approach, emphasizing thematic integration across key pillars: Food Security and Agribusiness, Governance and Policy Advocacy, Conflict Prevention and Peace Building. These pillars are fortified by a foundation of rigorous research and evidence-based information sharing, forming the bedrock of our initiatives. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of community development, KRC-UGANDA remains unwavering in our dedication to creating sustainable solutions and fostering positive change. Join us in our mission to drive impactful development, empower communities, and contribute to the discourse that shapes a better future for all.