Food Security & Agribusiness (FAGRIB)

Agriculture is the largest source of income and jobs employing more than 70 percent of the working population in Uganda. The Food Security and Agribusiness (FAGRIB) Unit facilitates small holder farmers including refugees with knowledge, skills and financial resources for sustainable transformation from subsistence to market-oriented production. FAGRIB’s mandate is to nurture the social and economic capital of farmers’ organisations, facilitate connection and networks for social change and better integration in their local economy. The second mandate is to increase food security and nutrition of the farmers households and the urban poor who derive their livelihood off farm.

This program supports farmers’ organisations in areas of farm extension, financial linkages, post-harvest handling, agro-processing, value addition and nutrition . The department is also  active in the market place, taking on more roles in context analysis and stakeholder facilitation to ensure robust market organization (i.e. the farmers have the commodities and the market off takers have the readiness to offer competitiveness market prices for farmers’ commodities). The department is also responsible for the food security and nutrition component which is executed through the food lab methodology.

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