Funded by Broederlijk Delen, this project serves to reach the target of our work – the rural farming households. In pursuit of our program purpose – to increase household incomes and civic competence for improved livelihoods among the citizenry of the Rwenzori region.

KRC has been at the forefront of empowering rural communities with a conviction of bridging the rural farming household information gap through facilitating the formation of community owned information structures known as Rural Information Centres. These structures have increasingly spread their influence at grass-roots level and facilitated knowledge transfer for rural farming households.

In pursuit of our 2010-2015 Strategic Plan, we are engaging 14 information centres/marketing associations in creating awareness and mentoring in issues of civic and economic competence to over 3,000 farming households across the Rwenzori Region. To deliver on our mission in bridging the information gap among rural farming households, we are working with the following information centres:

  1. Bukuku Rural Information Centres
  2. Busaiga Information Centre/Micro Finance Association
  3. Kibiito Information Centre
  4. Iruhura Information Centre/Marketing Association
  5. Rukoki Information Centre
  6. Maliba Information Centre
  7. Mahango Information Centre/ Marketing Association
  8. Kyabarungira Information Centre/ Marketing Association
  9. Mahyoro Rural Information Centre
  10. Kyarusozi Information Centre
  11. Kakabara Information Centre
  12. Kyaka Information Centre
  13. Bubandi Information Centre
  14. Semuliki Information Centre

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