Organisation Profile


KRC Development Ideology:

“Increased Household Income, Civic Competence for improved livelihood”. Our development ideology emphasizes KRC’s holistic approach to community development. It specifically emphasizes the practical interplay between Action Oriented Reflective Research (ARR) and Sustainable Community Development.


About Us

KRC is a Research, Advocacy and Community Development Organization operating in in the Rwenzori and Bunyoro Regions of Western Uganda and it has been in existence for over 20 years. KRC has six (6) core strategic objectives that include;


1. To generate and share evidence based information that contribute to sustainable, pluralistic, accountable and equitable socio-economic development.

2. To facilitate small holder farmers in the refugees and host communities engage in sustainable market oriented production, market linkages, affordable financial services and actively influence economic policies that have a direct bearing on their wellbeing.

3. To support and promote inclusive food systems and nutritional practices at household and community levels.

4. To enhance citizen participation and inclusion especially vulnerable women & youths, refugees and people with special needs (PSNs) in advocating against any form of exploitation & abuse, and promote good governance for effective service delivery.

5. To strengthen local initiatives and innovative conflict resolution mechanisms that promote harmonious peaceful co-existence in Western Uganda and across the border.

6. To promote efficient utilization and management of natural resources, energy and environment with full participation of communities including refugees, private sector, NGOs and government institutions for an inclusive green growth economy.


KRC Programme Units

1. Conflict and Peace Building (CPU)- Unit

This unit promotes peace building interventions and revitalizes the traditional mechanisms for conflict mitigation and management in areas of election violence, land, ethnic tensions and domestic violence.


2. Governance, Policy & Advocacy (GPA)- Unit

The major focus of this unit is civil education, rights promotion, good governance and social & political accountability. The unit facilitates processes that provide platforms to citizens including small holder farmers, PSNs, and PoCs to demand for pro-poor policies and effective service delivery. The unit also uses multi-disciplinary approaches including story telling (Tinfayo) to raise citizens’ awareness on their social, political and economic rights. GPA-Unit also advocates against any form of exploitation & abuse, and promotes accountable leadership and a corruption free society.


3.Food Security & Agribusiness (FAGRIB)-Unit

This is the Economic Arm of KRC that facilitates rural farmers in the Rwenzori Region and beyond to use available resources to improve their own livelihoods. The unit facilitates small holder farmers including refugees with knowledge, skills and financial resources for sustainable transformation from subsistence into market oriented production. The unit promotes 6 value chains i.e. Coffee, Bananas, Maize, Vegetables, Cassava and legumes.

FAGRIB also facilitates a Food Change Lab which is a multi-actor initiative that addresses malnutrition challenges at household level and promotes sustainable food systems in Uganda. It endeavors to bring lost foods (indigenous foods) back onto the dining table.


4. Information, Research & Communication (IRC)-Unit

This unit has a core mandate of research design, development and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. This unit supports FAGRIB, CPU and GPA to generate appropriate and reliable evidence based information for reflection, learning and programming. IRC-Unit repackages information and disseminates it at different levels through radio (KRC FM), mobile cinema, Tinfayo stories, posters and citizens open platforms.  


5.  Environment and Energy (E&E)- Unit

The core mandate of this unit is to promote efficient utilization and management of natural resources, energy and environment with full participation of communities, refugees, private sector, NGOs and government institutions for an inclusive green growth economy. The unit specifically promotes efficient energy cook stoves, bio-gas, solar energy and briquette making. It also supports natural disaster management initiatives, massive tree planting including establishment and management of community tree nurseries and restoration of degraded forests.


Working with partners

KRC works with different stakeholders in the Rwenzori region and Uganda as a whole. We believe in complimenting efforts of local governments, academia, private sector and CSOs to achieve the common goals of improving people’s livelihoods and civic competence.


Vision and mission of the Organisation

Vision: A leading research, advocacy and community development Organisation in Uganda.


Mission of KRC: To Build a dynamically strong research, advocacy and community development Organisation that enables policy makers, academia, CSOs, private sector and rural communities to effectively respond to development needs for peaceful, equitable and economically sustainable development.


KRC Organisation Structure

KRC Organisation Structure

Kabarole Research & Resource Centre

Plot 28 Mugurusi Rd., Fort-Portal.
P.O.Box 782
Kampala Uganda
Telephone: +256-039-374-438