As our population grows, so does the pressure on our use of natural resources. Our programs are aligned to sustainable green economic development with the full participation of our communities and stakeholders. We believe that the wellbeing and prosperity of our community in the future depends on the sustainability and conservation of our unique natural environment.   With this as our underlying core principle, we have established a dedicated department to implement programs that work towards achieving this goal.  Specific programs pool resources from the community, private sector, NGOs and Government Institutions to promote efficient utilization and management of natural resources, energy and environment.  This extends into our work within refugee camps as well as the general community.

Energy efficient technologies

As far as reducing greenhouse gas emissions (which are the root causes of climate change) is concerned, improving energy efficiency and reducing the use of non-renewable energy is of paramount importance. Getting the right energy source and technology can play a significant role in managing the environment and mitigating climate change. KRC is working on improving energy efficiency, promoting the development of renewable energy to protect forests.  This initiative focuses on reducing energy use, increasing access to clean and affordable energy services, spurring investment and economic growth, job creation, improved health and poverty reduction.

Some of our projects have contributed to the promotion of efficient energy cook stoves, biogas, solar energy and briquette making.   We have supported natural disaster management initiatives and conducted massive tree planting campaigns, whereby community tree nurseries have been established and large areas of degraded forests regenerated.

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