Reflecting on Youth Skilling in Banana Stem Fibre Extraction Project”

The project’s primary focus was on equipping these young individuals with essential skills in banana stem fibre extraction and craft making. Through this venture, the aim was clear: to provide diverse and productive employment opportunities within the agriculture-driven green economy. As the months unfolded, the project became a catalyst for change, offering a pathway for the youth to not only acquire skills but to actively contribute to and benefit from the burgeoning agricultural sector.

Empowering Youth, Transforming Markets

Markets for Youth Program encourages disability inclusion in its design and implementation, to empower Youth With Disabilities to meaningfully participate in agriculture. In the heartlands of Uganda, where the vibrant hues of optimism meet the green fields of potential, KRC-UGANDA is at the forefront of a transformative initiative— the “Markets for Youth” program. This visionary […]

KRC-Uganda Commemorates International Day of Peace 2023 with Inspiring Events

In line with the global observance of the International Day of Peace (IDP) on September 21st, KRC-Uganda joined the worldwide community in a series of impactful events to mark this significant day. Recognizing the profound importance of peace in today’s world, the United Nations has designated this day as a call to action for a 24-hour worldwide ceasefire, with events ranging from a minute of silence to commemorative ceremonies.