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• Living and promoting peace: Our role

MANZI WILSON Member Peace/Debate Club, Christ School Bundibugyo The Rwenzori region has experienced several conflicts since 2006. With these new conflicts, and the fact that the Rwenzori Region shares border with Congo, these conflicts are likely to become trans-national, as the various ethnicities from both countries(who are related)get sapped into the conflict. The regions previous conflicts experienced portend to the ... Read More »

• Students speak out on the Rwenzori conflicts

‘TOO EARLY TO CELEBRATE END OF TRIBAL CLASHES IN RWENZORI JOSEPH AMANYA Peace Club Member, Christ school Bundibugyo The tribal clashses recently evidence in the Rwenzori sub-region date way back to 1921, and the post independence time of the 1960s (the Rwenzururu revolutions). The violent skirmishes that have been taking place in the last 3 years are likely to ... Read More »

• Citizens quest for land registration increase after acquiring civic Education in Kyenjojo

By Kabajogya Alice In January 2017, Piloting of the civic education project through religious and institutions of learning in Kyenjojo begun with the aim of equipping Community Based Civic Educators with skills and knowledge to effectively delivery civic education in their institutions, build a network of trainers to sustainably conduct civic education in learning and religious institutions. To this effect ... Read More »

• Case stories: Working hours for the health unit & Improved services

Title of Story WORKING HOURS FOR THE HEALTH UNIT. Name of storyteller Mugiisa Alex. 0782-332719   From Mpulya III Village Occupation of story teller VHT member.   Sex Male   Period of change 2017 Date of recording 16/7/2017 Recorded by Jack Nyakairu     In the past our health unit staff used to come at 10am, or even at times ... Read More »

• Tuendelee Group: the Disciples of bulk selling

By JB Kahuma Tuendele is one of the groups KRC is working with in bid to improve incomes and nutritional and food security in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. The group was formed in 2016 as a savings land lending association though it also offers labor to farmers -both refugees and nationals. This adds to their incomes. In January 2017 when KRC ... Read More »

• VSLA helps members grow their savings by over 300%

My name is Otim Sam. I am 35 years old, a resident of Kasonga village in Kyangwali refugee settlement. Am also the secretary of Hope For Tomorrow VSLA in Kasonga. We always save on Friday and our share costs 2000/= the maximum amount of shares bought by a member per sitting is 5 shares. Our social fund amount is 500/= ... Read More »

• Rejected

Toro Citizens reject land amendment Bill, walk-out on Minister Kabarole Woman MP Heckled Hundreds vow to protect their land By John Murungi Amooti Kagote SDA Hall, Fort Portal The crimson skyline over Fort Portal town ebbed-in well, with the animated-but anxious faces of the hundreds of citizens at the sprawling Kagote SDA Hall. The Hair Temple-lines on their faces connoted ... Read More »

• Village savings group saves member child

My name is Asifiwe Kayenga I am a member of Tuendelee Nyamiganda Savings group. I have been saving with the group for the past 2 years. Last year I had a challenge my child was sick and I didn’t have any money on me I went to my group and I was able to receive emergence fund of 150,000 which ... Read More »

• CASE 2: The relationship between Health Centre and community

Title of Story Relationship between health Centre and community. Name of storyteller Kasaija Josua From Kidubuli Health Centre III Occupation of story teller Community member Sex Male Period of change 2017 Date of recording 21st June 2017 Recorded by Kwesiga James The story I am a community member aged 39 years old; I live near Kidubuli Health center III. The ... Read More »

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