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Tooro elders’ forum set to reconcile the conflicts in Toro Kingdom

May 5, 2015 By: Busiinge Chris and Musinguzi Francis As the standoff between Prince Kijanangoma and King Oyo of Tooro Kingdom continues unabated, Isaazi Ly’abantu Bakuru Ba Tooro [Tooro Elders’ Forum], is making effort to prevail over dire need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Prince Kijanangoma who has accused his cousin of poor management of the Kingdom’s affairs ... Read More »

ACTIONAID’s Arthur Larok ‘causes storm’, regional economic opportunities on oil, agriculture and tourism given nod by Rwenzori Leaders

March 3, 2015 The Rwenzori Region’s potential for economic priority has been given boost by the participants at the recently concluded Kasunga regional Leaders retreat. The debate was sparked off by a panel discussion comprising Arthur Larok, Country Director ACTIONAID-Uganda, Dr. Muhumuza of MMU, Hon Mbahimba and KRC’s Buhunirwa Medius. Though he focused mainly on the nascent oil and Gas ... Read More »

Radio and text messages keep farmers in the loop in Rwenzori

March 23, 2015 KRC.FM can receive more than 50 calls a day from farmers – a mixture of practical and technical queries – which are passed on to their in-house researchers or their wider network of specialists. They also send out a daily SMS to some 2,000 registered users. Read More.. Read More »

The effects of May 2013 floods in Kasese District still haunt Maliba and Bugoye farmers

October 3, 2014 Infrastructural bottlenecks to development cannot be over emphasized in impeding rural transformation. The road infrastructure in particular is crucial for facilitating labour mobility, market access for agriculture products and enhancing the entire distribution chain. This reflection on infrastructural impediments to rural transformation is addressed to the concerns of the farming communities in Maliba and Bugoye Sub Counties ... Read More »

3rd Climate Change Street Art Exhibition with over 1000 visitors

December 15, 2014 With over 1000 visitors, 15 exhibitors, and 70 students from six primary and secondary schools along Balya Road from the 26th to 28th November, the 3rd Annual Climate Change Street Art Exhibition was a success. The event was organized by the Mpanga River Catchment Consortium (MRCC) under the Environmental Cluster of the Rwenzori Regional Development Framework. The ... Read More »

Governance and Development take center stage, as participants disagree on service delivery

February 14, 2015 Governance and development have become quite interesting subjects of debate in Uganda’s social development spectrum. This was further re-emphasized at the recently concluded Kasunga Leaders Retreat. The organizers assembled a high profile panel, largely composed of political leaders, and development actors.The panel exchanged views on the state of service delivery and was moderated by a media expert ... Read More »

Smart yard kitchen gardening for food security

October 3, 2014 It’s a common sight of smart front and back yards, lined with beautiful flowers in most rural households. In complete contrast, you will find these households grappling with the issues of poor nutrition and general food insecurity. One outstanding reflection question has been, ‘why should poor and food insecure farming households afford to have a flower garden ... Read More »

The ACT Health Program

October 3, 2014 Transforming health by stimulating an accountable community and health personnel The ailing health system in Uganda comes at the backdrop of enormous resources invested in the health sector. The word enormous is used here literally to mean that the actual delivery and outcomes is not commensurate to the public investment into the sector. In the 2014/15 national ... Read More »

KRC Scoops top NGO Quality Assurance Award

October 3, 2014 It is common place to find attribution of our work amongst farming households that have made effort to turn around a poverty situation; for instance, a household that has increased its income and is able to afford quality education for their children. On the other hand it comes once in a while to receive recognition of organizational ... Read More »

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