image016The Farmer Enterprise Development Unit which houses the Small Holder Farmers Project and the Micro Finance Association Project is the Economic Arm of KRC that facilitates rural farmers in the Rwenzori Region   to use available resource to improve their own livelihoods. The unit facilitates small holder farmers with knowledge, skills and financial resources for progressive transformation of subsistence farming into market oriented production with the aim of increasing maximum returns of income at small holder farmer level. This is done through increasing; farmers’ entrepreneurship skills, access to market, saving and credit services, value addition, and production opportunities for improved house incomes. Whereas the focus is on incomes, strategies for improving food security and nutrition are devised to ensure that market oriented production does not compromise food security.


The unit further recognize the vulnerability of the very poor individuals whose needs are not met in the group centered approach and works with the very poor individual households in the community on micro entrepreneurship development which in the short run helps them meet their immediate needs but in the long run help them to understand and act on their own processes of development. The very poor individual intervention is tailored to the needs of the very poor individuals and gradually enhances their capacity and confidence to join existing farmer groups.

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