Launching the Kabarole District and Sub County/Town Council nutrition action plans

KRC has been at the forefront of facilitating multi-stakeholder participatory processes to guide the localization of the Uganda nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) at local government level, starting with Kabarole District as well as implementing a number of exchange events to work towards the operationalization of the DNAPs and SNAPs. And whereas there is significant progress at the national level in regard to fast-tracking the implementation of the UNAP, there remains resource limitations to integrate nutrition in the district plans and formulate District Nutrition Action Plans (DNAPs) to comprehensively achieve the goal of reducing malnutrition in Uganda.

This was the entry point for KRC’s engagement since 2020, when the Kabarole District Nutrition Action Plan was approved by the District Council after a series of multistakeholder processes facilitated by KRC. Ever since, additional support has been offered to cascade nutrition action planning at Sub County and Town Council levels.

As part of the immediate strategizes to alleviate the high malnutrition burden in the Tooro Sub Region, Kabarole District inaugurated and commissioned a 20 members’ District Nutrition Coordination Committee (DNCC), where KRC is honored to be a core member representing civil society.

The committee is mandated to provide technical oversight and leadership of the implementation of multi-sectoral nutrition interventions in the Local Government Council through the Technical Planning Committee (TPC).

In order to further cascade the implementation of the multi-sectoral nutrition interventions at the Lower Local Government Councils, Kabarole District also inaugurated and commissioned the Sub County and Town council Nutrition Coordination Committees(S/TNCC) in all the 14 Sub Counties and Town Councils of the district.

The Nutrition Coordination Committees (NCCs) as part of their initial assignments was to develop Nutrition Action Plans (NAPs) that would provide guidance on the strategizes and Nutrition sensitive and specific interventions that are geared towards improving the nutrition situation in the district at different levels. The Committees at the District and Sub County/Town council levels with support of KRC-Uganda successfully accomplished the development and publication of the NAPs and presented them to the different councils for review and approval. The published NAP documents were officially handed over to the Nutrition Coordination Committees officiated by the KRC-Uganda’ Deputy Director Mr. Muzinduki Patrick, who urged the committee members to ensure that the contents of the NAPs are disseminated to the different stakeholders.

On behalf of Kabarole District Local Government, the Assistant District Health Officer (ADHO) Dr. Kisembo Brain appealed to the committee members to utilize their mandate efficiently and effectively and aim higher at planning, budgeting, integration and coordination of Nutrition interventions in all government and partner activities.

By Bwambale Bernard

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