KRC- Uganda News Updates

Welcome to KRC news. In our program updates, we welcomed the new Kulea Watoto Project that was launched in Kyegegwa District and it flags our progressive work on maternal and child nutritional health. Also, as we continue to scale the food system agenda under the Fort Portal Food Systems Lab, KRC is building the capacity of food system actors through enhancing their knowledge on food safety and nutrition, and again facilitating strategies through which the District Nutrition Actions Plans of Kabarole and her lower local governments are disseminated and implemented. We also share experiences from the field how family farmers are progressing through the agroecological transition by embracing the integrated farm planning approach. Then meet Jared Mugisha, our Microfinance Expert, sharing his personal experience, recalling the hay-days of the Cooperative Movement in Uganda and how KRC is contributing its revival in the Rwenzori Region. Enjoy the reading.

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