The International Youth Day was celebrated on the 12th August 2021. In Fort Portal, the celebrations were held at Kicwamba Technical College, organized by KRC, the Youth Innovation Hub, Y-Factor, Ile De Paix, the Youth Councils of Kabarole District and Fort Portal City and supported by GOAL under the Young Africa Works; Markets for Youth Program. In Northern Uganda, the Day was commemorated in Bodi Bidi Refugee Settlement, under the ausipiecs of KRC European Union funded peace programme.
This year’s International Youth Day theme placed young people at the centre of the Food System, and sought their ingenuity and innovation to fix the current food system’s deficiencies. 
As KRC, the message of the International Youth Day addressed two of our strategic elements of our mission; promoting youth engagement for fulfilling and dignified work and influencing system change for food security and nutrition for all.
Mr. Bwambale Bernard, KRC’s Nutrition Program Manager, pointed out that food systems are the heart of many challenges facing the global community, from food insecurity to resource conservation and climate change. He noted that the challenges are interrelated and require a food systems approach.
At regional level, KRC is implementing the Food Systems Lab and nutrition programs for the general population and at-risk groups in the refugee settlements. The Fort Portal Food Change Lab worked to food actors and local leadership to alarming malnutrition rates and stunting for children under the age of five.
At the celebration of the International Youth Day, young people and leaders deliberated on a number of issues concerning the food system.

Kabarole District Chairperson, Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga reminded the youth that the time is now and that, they are not too young to engage in meaningful agriculture and to innovate. He called on the youth to organize to access support of government. He encouraged them to embrace vocational skilling and participate in building a skill- based economy.

He applauded KRC for pioneering the food systems discourse in the region and influencing people to appreciate the nutritional value of indigenous foods and encouraged young people to be at the forefront of promoting healthy and sustainable local food systems.

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