• Savings changed my life to information

Title of story Savings changed my life to information
Name of story teller Kengo Sekwa
Age/ age group of the story teller 36 years
Nationality Congolese
Vulnerability Single parent with 7 children
Location (Zone/village) Kavule zone E
Date of recording 30th / 3/ 2020

Story details

What problem(s) were there in the beginning before support from Care International/ KRC?


Life was hard and I would just get money and spend it without replacement. The other problem was how to buy a bar of soap, nutritious food like fish and vegetables for the children, sugar and clothes.

What support –live saving or any other that was received from Care International/KRC

I got knowledge on Gender Based Violence, how to respond and prevention, savings especially being in a group

How were you involved in the project?


Before I joined the VSLA group, life was very hard as the money I would get was all consumed without replacement. When KRC started this project I attended the sensitisation at Kavule Care Women Centre and immediately I picked interest in joining. When groups were selected I became a member of Umoja group. We started in September 2019 with a share of 1000. I had two names that I was contribution to, and within a 6 months period, I had saved 180,000, which I received when we shared out on 21st January 2020


Describe the significant changes that have occurred in this period that resulted from Care International/partnersupport or your participation in the project?

One of the significant changes that has occurred in my life is I was able to buy a TV set that has enabled me get information on TV very easily especially in this era of COVID-19 am able to share what is happening with my neighbours, besides the above I have been able to buy for my children nutritious food like fish, vegetables , meat , Sugar ,pay exams for those in P.7 and have continued saving in the second cycle.

Why are these changes the most important for you? Please   explain to the respondents by giving examples from the significant changes mentioned above.

The above are most important especially the TV set because during the war I lost everything and had longed to replace them if at one time I get money , I also take nutritious food seriously if they are to grow well they need to eat a balanced diet.

What were the key factors that enabled the significant changes shared above to happen?

The members of my group are understanding in that when I needed a loan it was given to me. I comment the leadership of the group and KRC/CARE for the opportunity given to me to explore my potential.


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