By Katutu Rose

A nutritious meal being served to household members

A nutritious meal being served to household members

Cognizant of the fact that Healthy diets improve the body immunity to fight against diseases-and in light of the impact of COVID-19, Kabarole Research and resource Center in partnership with Hivos and International Institute of Environment & Development (IIED) have intensified efforts to fight malnutrition among people in Fort Portal under the orugali program of the Fort-Portal Food change Lab.

Orugali is one of the basic instrument to the challenge of malnutrition in the young generation. Tooro region being the food basket, it was found out having the highest stunting rate of 40.6% among children in Uganda. A step by step knowledge exchange is conducted by the traditional orugali chefs while in their own kitchen to guide the young generation in preparing and serving nutritious traditional / indigenous meals. Local items and tools are used to create better attachment and more appealing to every household in the region. The orugali program provides training through which the traditional diverse food of nutrient dense are prepared and conserving the nutrients available in them. This promotes consuming a nutrient rich diet that boosts the body immunity hence helping fight against several health hazards.

During the orugali sessions, people learn the agronomy/farming practices for different indigenous seeds, their growth habits and how seeds are preserved for next season, cooking methodology and the nutrient value for the prepared main courses. This helps trigger more production of indigenous crops, increase access hence promoting increased consumption of nutrient dense foods.To enhance the learning process, KRC hosts different episodes of traditional/indigenous food termed as “Orugali” on TV West.

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