• Maddox –Galihuma,Ruhoko –Mukunyu and Busanza Mukunyu Roads worked after citizens presenting issues paper to sub county and District leadership In Butiti sub county

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Above: Part of Maddox – Galihuma road that was worked on Butiti sub county leadership. in Butiti Sub county in Kyenjojo district.

Maddox –Galihuma,Ruhoko –Mukunyu and Busanza Roadsin Butiti sub county in Kyenjojo District have been in poor state for the last 1 year

The roads were full of pot-holes and the gangs were not doing any work on them due to lack of funds and sometimes lack of priority by the sub county leadership of Butiti. This was extremely impassable making it difficult for the children to access schools whenever it rained. This continued for many years despite the roads being used by students of Maddox secondary school, one of the biggest and oldest secondary schools in the sub county.

The issue was presented to the leaders during the face the citizens rally roads were presented to leaders of Butiti sub county and Kyenjojo District Local Government in 2 respective face the citizens rallies In Mukunyu and Kaihura   The same roads   were raised in 2 face the citizens rallies organized by KRC In Kaihura and Mukunyu Trading centre respectively where citizens presented the issues paper to both technical and political leaders of Butiti and Kyenjojo district leadership for activities

The roads were pushed through the district planning cycle, accorded budget allocation –and then up-graded to first class murrum . The roads are now very passable








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