By Mugerwa Fred

Ever since the creation of Kyegegwa district from Kyenjojo district, the sub county had had no secondary school despite the provisions in policy that every sub county should have one secondary school aided by government. Kyegegwa sub county is one of the oldest sub counties in the district. This issue has been critical for many years –during the various KRC interventions in the area


During the planning and follow up meeting with community Change Agents, working with KRC, it was identified that there was lack of a seed secondary school as a critical community issue affecting children who complete primary education, more especially girls and children from poor and vulnerable families. An issues Paper was developed, highlighting the issue and they presented it to leaders at a KRC organized face the citizen rally. At the rally, the LCV and area councilor made commitments to support and expedite the process of having a seed school in the sub county.

At the beginning of first term of 2020, the district informed the sub county leadership and community stakeholders that government was going to take up the costs and financing of the school starting with 2020 calendar year.

Consequently government has now taken up Kibuye secondary school and plans to undertake its further developments and infrastructure needs as government.

Children who completed their primary seven in the sub county will now have the opportunity to study secondary in a government pleased to join a school within the community especially those who could not afford studying from outside the sub county.

The school had an enrollment of 250 students as at the beginning of the term (first term of 2020) the government through Kyegegwa district local government has conducted meetings with school leadership, and all the structures including the board of governors for the school are functional with minutes and resolutions guiding the school business.



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