By John Murungi Amooti

The mouth-watering aromas that usually pervade our living rooms when firinda or esabwe are being prepared in the kitchen are now being ‘brought to us’, albeit visually-thanks to the newly started KRC program on TV West that premiered a few weeks ago. The program named ‘Orugali’ is aired every Sunday between 6:30 PM -7:00 PM. KRC long-term partners of Hivos and IIED are providing the financial support for the program.

TV west


The Traditional (Orugali) weekly Chef Program on production, food preparation and consumption of diverse traditional and indigenous foods of Tooro and Bunyoro region has already gained momentum and numerous shares on YoU-TUBE . The objective of the program is to provide knowledge of how traditional and indigenous crops are grown, prepared and consumed using a traditional concept (Orugali).

It highlights the nutritional value of the different traditional and indigenous foods. The program is self-moderated by Orugali chefs in their kitchens to share real life traditional cooking skills and experience. This program runs every Sunday from 6:30PM – 7:00 pm and is expected to run for 12 weeks . The maiden program was launched by Hon Alex Ruhunda, MP Fort Portal Municipality and Hon Richard Rwabuhinga, the Kabarole District Chairperson.

The program was mainly informed by the need to address paradox of malnutrition amidst plenty of food in Tooro region


In order to address this challenge, KRC in partnership with Hivos and International Institute of Environment & Development (IIED) came up with the Fort-Portal Food change Lab which creates space for mainstream actors and frontrunners to meet and shape the green and fair food systems of tomorrow.


The overall goal of the Fort Portal Food Change Lab is to contribute to a more conducive policy environment and laws that make the region’s food system more inclusive, sustainable, diverse, healthy, acceptable, green and affordable foods available to all. The food actors under the Food change lab include the street food vendors, Coalition of the Willing (CoW), formal chefs, food ambassadors and traditional (Orugali) chefs


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