By Kayiwa John


Kanyateete women sieving the bio-concoction of urine and different herbs collection

As nature communicates the danger caused by indecent human earth works, Kabarole Research and Resource Center has embarked on reloading efforts to answer the so many questions always asked by people on the globe. For decades man has done a lot of activities that have destroyed nature through activities like clearing natural vegetation, degradation of the lithosphere by carry out rude and unfriendly cultivation methods that endangers nature. This causes erosion, cultivation along the river banks, use of poisonous baits to trap fish etc.

These activities have led to the destruction of the ozone layer -as a result of increased carbon in the atmosphere as the biomass has been exposed to dangerous inorganic agro-chemicals

Suffice to add, this has led to distinct of different biomass species, emergence of notorious crop pests the alternative host plants have been destroyed. As so many people look over with no solution as nature communicates. However, KRC has come in timely to intervene and help stem these effects in the Rwenzori Region. KRC strives to implement the principles and practices of Agroecology through different community training modes. Different practices are already under implementation and the practices have been captured in video documentaries to help in the training of the communities in the different practice of Agroecology.


Preparation of the chili concentrate concoction



One of the practical practice KRC is using is the making and use of bio-concoctions that fight against pests among farmers that work with KRC. Case study is the Kanyateete women group that has been trained in making and using the natural pesticides. The group has shown commitment and enthusiasm in implementing the practice . This is aimed at saving biomass from danger of using the inorganic pesticides.


Three different products of the bio-concoctions packaged in water bottles by the farmers


Demonstrating application of the bio-concoctions by farmers


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