• KRC, Intensifies Civic Education, Hundreds of citizens turn up to face their leaders on issues of service delivery

By John Murungi and Richard Tusiime


In their hundreds they trecked into the rally venues, ambitious –and with faces conoting people with a serious mission. Most of them even came with well written discussion points. Such has been the overwhelming response KRC has received from the citizens of the Rwenzori Region where its implementing the Civic Education program

Having had several inception meetings in May for all the district in the Region, KRC agreed with the leaders of the various district to agree on different dates for rallies and trainings of lower local councils. This was further buttressed by the vigorous training of the community structures like change agents and civic, who have a constituency of 20 members whom they sensitize on their civic rights and responsibilities.

Basing on this critical mass,the citizens rallies organized have now been a great bustle of activity –as hundreds of people flock the venues to engage their leaders.More than 400 citizens have been attending the rallies, some have even been braving heavy rains to attend the rallies-like it happened in Kyegegwa and Butiti in Kyenjojo.

In one of the heated moments during the Butiti rally at Kaihura, the LC V Kyenjojo Mr William Kiaja was put to task to explain why the government had not interpreted the constitution into local languages and distributed it to the general public most especially to the recently elected LC councils?” Surprisingly this question was asked by one of the LC 1 leaders

This is a clear realization that such questions portray the increasing civic competence in the public were either asked by the civic educators or members who constitute the membership of the community awareness meeting organized by the community structures


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