• Government responsiveness to the provision of text books in upper primary facilitate pupils reading culture in primary schools

By Mugerwa Fred

In Kyegegwa town council limited reading culture as a result of limited access to reading materials such as text books has been a major issues associated with the poor performance in primary schools. The issues has been tabled to leaders through an issues papers, face the citizens’ rally and radio talk shows and face the leader meetings.

In the latest follow up and planning meeting, community change agents reported the same and the concern was emphasized on radio talk shows where callers questioned leaders for not providing text books, infrastructure  and teachers in most of the primary schools. The district leadership however, has made a step to fulfilling some of the gaps such as text book provision.


In the photo beside, a KRC staff takes a look at text book delivery notes and good received notes in the head teacher’s records.

There is currently very good progress and achievement in terms of text books for upper primary. At Kakasoro primary each pupil was found having access to texts books at a ratio of 1text book: 1 pupil in primary five, six and seven.


During the follow up and engagement meeting with head teacher she was able to show us a number of receipts and delivery notes for the different batches of text books supplied to the school and the school has a specific reading time where pupils have to reading text books within their respective classes under the guidance of the class teacher. This is not only a learning activity but also a foundation of building and instilling the culture of reading to the pupils and shaping their academic career in education and development.

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