• Gerrit, the humble development activist ends tour of duty in Uganda

By John murungi Amooti

passionate about issues of climate change and energy saving technologies

image001A chilly morning descends onto the various partners under the BD partnership in Uganda, as they receive the news of the impending departure of amiable BD Country manager, Frans Kanis, words of appreciation and sad farewells flock to his mails –and that of BD, little do they know that his replacement would equally be a tenacious, industrious and supportive person, in the name of Gerrit Murton. Indeed the over 6 years he has spent contributing to the development spectrum of the farming households in Uganda is a thrilling testimony of an indefatigable soldier –selfless and charismatic with a penchant to sacrifice his all, for the well-being of mankind

In an interview with KRC’s Bihunirwa Medius, the Head of the Farmer Agri-business Support Unit, she describes Gerrit as a very supportive and technical person, Flexible and approachable, who was only a phone call away

‘Gerrit is a very sociable, down to earth but very knowledgeable person, very passionate about issues of climate change and energy saving cook stoves in schools and institutions of high learning. He leaves an indelible mark onto the edifice of the civil society fraternity in the Rwenzori Region’.

These words are further buttressed by the thinking of Mr. Mwanga Julius, the KRC Executive Director who credits Gerrit for the tireless efforts in building partnerships among the partners in the Rwenzori Region under the Regional Framework and the BD Alliance

As KRC, and other partners who have known and worked with KRC, we can only describe the relationship as a great chapter in the development trajectory recorded over the years of working and supporting farmers to spur their incomes

Great knowing you Gerrit-and wish you all the best in your next course of duty

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