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Sub county speaker narrates her road to understanding her role and mandate after KRC Induction

Her story

It’s now over two years since I was elected to the position of speaker, Kakabara sub-county,Kyegegwa District. In all this period I was only trained once(and just the basics) on the council rules of procedures -and I was the lone beneficiary. The other members of the council didn’t attend the training and therefore, were not oriented on these procedures. For this entire period, we have been using the little that I really understood. This has in most instances created unnecessary tension, misunderstanding and long council sessions. Even when I would rule a member out of order, they would even remain standing or submitting.

image002Suffice to add, very few members in this council knew when and who to second a motion, that if a motion was tabled before the council it would take a minimum of 10 minutes for a member to second it, even when I asked the mover of the motion or a members from the executive to make a further clarification on the intended motion they would still not say anything

There was also an issue of handling the Executive members, who would move and second their own motions! Thanks to the KRC Induction, they have now understood their roles and how to proceed in bringing business to the council. Now they know, I was right whenever I ruled them out of procedure

There were also instances when the executive members would debate and contradict themselves on a motion that had come from them, in contradiction of council rules of procedure – and whenever I ruled them out of order,they would instead insult and create unnecessary tension in the council.

Fortunately with the coming in of the KRC Civic Education training on the council rules of procedure, budgeting, planning and roles of leaders at different levels I feel Iam now empowered –and so is every member of my council

As the Speaker, I feel this training has been elaborative and clear enough and thus the next council sitting, I expect members to be more active, debate on motions appropriately , and guide one another, accordingly  





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