• Creating safer school environments

Face the citizen campaigns in Kanara Town Council, Ntoroko District influence the District Leadership to erect a fence at Kanara Seed School.

Story compiled by: Kihumuro Ainebyona | 12th November 2020

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Photo: The new chain link fence that has been built around the school. Photo: The school gate still under construction at Kanaara Seed School.

Students need a safe and supportive school environment in order to succeed. A safe school is one where teaching and learning are not distracted and disruptions are minimized. The parents of Kanara Seed School in Ntoroko District discovered this truth and in a petition to District Local Government, the Chief Administrative Officer committed to work with the District Education Office to present their concern to the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The situation at the school had gone out of control. Lack of a fence around the school aided students get involved in unruly behavior, getting out of school bounds to roam in the neighborhoods, posing potential risks on the safety of their lives. Besides, uncontrollable access to school by outsiders and grazing animals caused constant distractions to learning activities and security threats.

During a face the citizen rally conducted by KRC in October 2019, the parents’ community presented a petition, profiling their concerns on Kanara Seed School and the safety risks against their children to the District Leadership. Their primary demand was the need to put up a fence around the school.

One year down the road, a security fence at Kanara Seed School has been erected. The fencing of Kanara Seed School came at a time when candidate classes were recalled from the COVID-19 lockdown and it has aided enforcement of standard operating procedures.

The transformative power of face the citizen rallies is now evident in the local communities’ ability to hold their leaders to account. The community is oriented in their roles and responsibilities and lawful steps they can take to bring issues to their leaders’ attention.

He also noted that the fence was built at a time when it was needed most especially now that schools were reopened amidst the COVID-19 crisis. To keep students safe during class hours, the gate shall always be closed and only those with face masks and willing to wash their hands will be allowed in school.

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