• COVID-19

  • Lockdown extended to May
  • KRC Supported farmers donate food to the task force

By John Murungi Amooti


The CAO, Kabarole (Jacket) handing over the bananas to street food vendors. The bananas were donated by the rural smallholder farmers to the Kabarole district task force

‘Never was so much owed by so many to so few’ Winston Churhill as he praised the great work of British Soldiers after successfully evacuating 338,000 Allied Forces from the battle-front after days of besiegement by Hitler forces in Dunkirk, during World War 2. The same can be said of the gallant combined teams –both government and non-government, which have fought tooth and nail to contain the spread of the raucous spread of the COVID-19 to only double digits, despite the pandemic spreading like rapid fire in other neighboring countries

It must be noted that the President has since the pandemic started addressed the country a record 12 times. He has in these numerous addresses come up with a wide range of measures that include, inter alia; closure of all education institutions, all offices, with the exception of essential ones like health, banks, media houses and president’s office, closure of all public markets(save for food items)of all forms of public transport, ban of private means of transport-other than those categorized as essential

KRC has been part of this struggle all through the COVID-19 fight, mainly in the Rwenzori Region. KRC is working in Collaboration with the healthy department of Kabarole district and the office of the RDC as part of the district task force. The Awareness drive is being done through radio programs and road drives through the various cells, wards and divisions of Fort Portal town and the surrounding areas of Kabarole and Bunyangabu Districts. For the radio programs,the panelists are drawn from the health department ,and the topics range from the mode of spread, control measures, immunity raising through nutrition and enforcement of the Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) as directed by the president.


To further buttress this drive, Jingles on COVID-19 have been produced and are already running on KRC FM.

Additionally, KRC recently mobilized farmers from Harungongo sub county who are attached to its FAGRIB Unit to donate about 7 tons of Matooke to the District Task Force, for the vulnerable groups in the district. KRC requested the district task force to consider the vulnerable street vendors in Fort Portal as part of the beneficiaries . The vendors were indeed considered and given 50 bunches of Matooke, cooking oil and rice to help them brave through the lock down

During mobile caravans it has been noted that people mainly in villages are implementing SOPs to an extent of having the washing facilities by the path channeling to the homesteads.

As the pandemic continues to ravage the world, Uganda has been praised as one of the few countries which have managed the pandemic –and kept the figures to double digits. KRC re-iterates its voice of appeal to Ugandans to observe all precautionary measures –including washing of hands, wearing masks in public, keeping social distance –and above all staying home


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