Head teacher and KRC staff during the visit at Kajuma(Right), while  left is the newly constructed Latrine at Kajuma Primary school.

Kajuma primary school is one of the government aided Primary School in Kigoyera Sub County in Kyenjojo district with a population of over 800 pupils. For the past 3 years the school was served by one latrine for both teachers and pupils which was full, thus causing health threat to both teachers and pupils.

The issue was identified by civic educators of Kigoyera Sub County and it has been raised in the citizens issues paper during face the citizens rally organized by KRC where citizens interface with leaders and present the issues on poor service delivery.  The KRC team visited Kajuma primary school located in Kigoyera Sub County in Kyenjojo district in a bid to follow up on the issues of service delivery that has been raised by citizens about the school.

During our visit at the school  headmaster Kajuma  Primary school welcomed us with a smile he informed the team that Kyenjojo district Local government has finished the construction of the latrine with 4 stances which  was handed over to the school administration and most importantly was the section for pupil with disability with a run way to the latrine which has eased access by people with disability.

The head teacher of the school is grateful to KRC or continues support in the creation of platforms where citizens interface with their leaders. The results are great  as compared to the past where we lived in silence and nothing much was done.  

Thanks to KRC for creating platforms at least we now our voices can be heard and be responded to.

The author is a Civic Educator in Kigoyera sub county

Kyenjojo district






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