• Civic Agency sets priorities for Kitagwenda District Leadership

By Tusiime Richard

At the start of 2018, KRC’s Community Change Agents and Civic Educators in Mahyoro Sub County petitioned the district leadership of Kamwenge(the area was still under Kamwenge District) over the poor road network in the Sub County,most especially the Mahyoro-Kayinja-Nyabbani road; there was no periodic maintenance on the road like slashing road side bushes, cleaning of silted ditches and culverts, patching, and pothole repair furthermore, resurfacing small sections of a road, construction of pavement, construction of drainages, installing and repairing culverts .

All the above, had greatly affected transportation of produce like cotton and maize as well as fish to the main market since Mahyoro is well known as a landing site for fish trade.


Nyabbani-Mahyoro road that was recently worked on after citizens petitioned the Kitagwenda interim district leadership

However, relief was later to come with the KRCs platform like planning meetings with CCA, face the citizens’ rallies as well as interface meetings. The citizens were able to present both Issues Paper and Petitions, calling for urgent attention from the leaders

The leaders made commitments to address the problems since Kitagweda was becoming an independent district. This was later to be followed up by the community change agents once Kitagwenda became a district and an interim leadership was set up.

When KRC organized a Face the Citizens rally in both Nyabbani and Mahyoro where the interim leadership of the district committed to prioritize the Mahyoro-Kayinja-Nyabbani road once they receive the road funds from the government.

Armed with the citizens petitions and issues papers, when in the second quarter of FY 2019/2020, the district received funds, they started work on the Mahyoro-Kayinja-Nyabani road since they had made a joint commitment as leaders to the citizens. The Road Rehabilitation included Widening, grading gravel, Removal of bottlenecks that includes working on swampy sections where the water has cut off the road, and muddy sections of the road was undertaken, and as of now, Citizens are thankful to both KRCs platform and leaders since it was a triggering point for a joint action that saw a 25Km road given the first priority by the Interim leadership of the district and as of now there is free movement of agricultural produces like cotton as well as wider market for fish from the different fish landing sites in the sub county.

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