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KRC is working with change agents, training, mentoring and inspiring them into active civic life. Change agents are community volunteers who are concerned with the development affairs of their community and nation, are passionate about their civic duty, and desirous to promote citizens’ enjoyment of their human rights and civic obligations.

Since 2018, KRC partnered with the Democratic Governance Facility to implement a project entitled; Enhancing People power for transformative leadership in the Rwenzori region. This intervention has produced some outstanding outcomes for the service delivery sector.

Construction of Nyakasenyi-Masaka Road in Butungama Sub County in Ntoroko District

 Article written by Kihumuro Ainebyona, Project Officer, Governance & Policy Advocacy, KRC

image009 image010 image011

Photo: Before construction Photo: During construction Photo: After construction

Transport services had been greatly hampered by the poor state of the road connecting parishes of Nyakasenyi, Isaazi and Masaka in Butungama Sub County, Ntororoko District. The road was too narrow, lacked proper drainage and during the rainy season it developed huge gullies. The marrum surface had long been eroded and the road would get severely muddy and slippery in the rainy seasons. Movement of people and goods was always a big challenge.


During a planning and follow up meeting with Community Change Agents of Butungama S/C, the problem of the road was raised to be included on the agenda for the issues paper. The issues paper was later presented to the local leaders at a face the citizens’ rally organized by KRC and the Change Agents, with a demand for improvement of the road surface with good murram, installation of a drainage system and, widening the lanes. The LC3 Chairperson Butungama Sub County, Omuhereza Ruhweza committed to work with the area Woman MP, Hon. Anne Mary Tumwine to have these funds availed. Indeed the funds were lobbied by the Woman MP from the Ministry of Works and Transport to have a 12 km road constructed from Nyakasenyi via Bwizibwera, Budiba to Masaka. The road was opened and widened, culverts and speed humps were installed and surfaced with first class murram.

During the construction, the community Change Agents with the Sub County Chief of Butungama worked closely together to monitor and ensure that the quality of the works was upheld. The change agents are continuing negotiation with their leaders to have the rest of the road network in the sub county is improved

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