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Today 15th Feb, 2018 during a breakfast meeting organised by KRC in partnership with the Parliamentary forums on Health and Education members of parliament committed to see that the challenges faced by pastoral communities and other minority communities are handled. The meeting was aimed at flashing health and education service delivery issues in pastoral communities in Kasese and Ntoroko districts.

In his opening remarks the Deputy Director KRC indicated that the mandate of KRC is to give quality research, and this is what the Voice project, funded by Oxfam intends to provide evidence to policy makers on the state of service delivery in pastoral communities in Kasese and Ntoroko.


Deputy Director KRC giving his opening remarks

The Chairperson Rwenzori MPs forum who also doubles as the MP Fort Portal Municipality said there is need for to build leadership capacity address development challenges across board. He said that, often, tribalism has been used to limit effective delivery of services to communities and leaders should always work to look beyond tribes about aim at improving the lives of all peoples.

Both CAOs from Ntoroko and Kasese said that, the funding gap was the major challenge which needs to be urgently addressed by government.

Mr Bimbona Simon, CAO Ntoroko told the meeting that the District has 4 Town councils 6 Sub counties, and that  Ntoroko is a place hard to reach and hard to stay, some particular challenges were  that staff reside far-minimum of 26km from the schools, some stay as far as Fort portal decent accommodation. 

The CAO-Kasese indicated that the roads are not adequate and also the geographical condition of the place is a problem. In the mountains the staff always get problems getting accommodation unlike in the low lands, 6 sub counties do not have a Government aided school, and some secondary teachers who are transferred are not replaced.

Joy from Nyakatonzi Kasesesays, “As women of Nyakatonzi, we have many challenges, there is a health center II that is not coded, transport to reach what seems to be a nearest facility Kagando is a challenge and this has caused women to give birth from home which sometimes results into death and other children acquiring HIV/AIDS. Water is a challenge because its 7Km away and some girls get raped on the way. Wild animals claiming the lives of people and especially school going children.”


CAO Ntoroko giving a summary of the situation in Ntoroko

Joy from Kasese narrating her ordeal at the meeting

Joy from Kasese narrating her ordeal at the meeting










The following resolutions were made;

1. KRC to organise another meeting to bring permanent secretaries of Health and Education Ministries on board and still work with parliamentary forums on health and education

2. Proposal for motions on affirmative action for people living in highlands and islands

3. MPs to move a motion to prioritise health in the next financial year budget.

In his closing remarks Hon. Jacob Opolot thanked the organizers KRC for the efforts to bring the team together (closing the gap between the local person and the national stakeholders). “The opportunity to prioritize health has been missed out because MPs have already approved the national budget frame work, but however we can find ways to work within that frame work” said the MP.




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