Building nutritious, healthy and safe food businesses and entrepreneurial capacity of street food vendors in Fort Portal Tourism City

Rolex was recognized by the tourism sector in 2016 as an innovation and unique food endeared to many Ugandans.

Rolex which was initially made from the recipe of egg omelet and vegetables rolled in chapatti, has now evolved and improved with new ingredients to meet more client preferences and nutrient needs of the population. Ingredients like chicken, liver, millet, meat and milk can be added to the recipe. Rolex has since gained more popularity nationwide and beyond. As a result, KRC-Uganda in partnership with Rolex Initiative, Ministry of Tourism and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) trained 47 fast-food street vendors in Fort Portal Tourism City in preparation and cookery of nutrient dense Rolex.


During the training, participants were taken through the principles of nutritious, healthy and safe recipes as well as food safety management during food preparation and handling. They were later trained in hands-on preparation and cooking demonstrations. The training also focused on building the capacity of the fast street food vendors in business management, entrepreneurship and financial inclusion so as to realize increased incomes and investment for improved livelihoods derived from street food vending.


Following the training, the participants were provided with chef aprons, recommended food grade spatula, cleanable table covers, wiping towels and kitchen hats to support them in their business and to enable them meet the food safety standards while preparing food on the streets. 


The vendors testified to have gained new knowledge on providing nutritious, healthy and safe fast food to people who enjoy the street food. They were also enthusiastic about gaining more knowledge and skills in managing their businesses and becoming more enterprising.


Title: Building nutritious, healthy and safe food businesses

Author: Bwambale Bernard, Food Systems and Nutrition Program Manager,

Category: Nutrion and food systems.

Publish Date: 2022-02-07

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