Elizabeth Zawadi, a mother of two children under 5 years hails from Kakoni Zone in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, Kyegegwa District. She is participant in KRC Uganda’s health and nutrition education program that serves to promote community adherence to social behaviour change to health.


Elizabeth had been a regular client at Kakoni Health Outpost where came to treat her children’s recurrent diarrhea spates.


“I used to look at hygiene as less important, and my first born could suffer from diarrhoea, get relapses over and over. I frequented Kakoni Health Outpost almost every month to get diarrhea treatment. I was so worried because of my child’s health” Elizabeth narrates. “One day, I had a sleepless night because my child had diarrhea and was too weak to feed. So, I took him to Kakoni Health Outpost very early in the morning for treatment. After the assessment at OPD, I was directed to the clinical room and later to the nutrition shade to attend a health education session that was to begin in about ten minutes time as I was told. This was to my disappointment because, many times, before, I had dodged the health education part because I thought it to be wastage of time. So, I would play delay tactics so as to find that session already done. As I sat there contemplating a smart escape, the session began with the Nutrition Volunteer introducing the topic of good hygiene and how it prevents diseases, including diarrhea. On hearing that, I sat comfortably and listened. Least did I know that diarrhea was a disease I could prevent by observing strict hygiene at all-times. I learned washing my hands after visiting the toilet, before preparing the baby’s food, before and after feeding the baby as well as constant change of the baby’s diapers as necessary. I am grateful to KRC for giving to us this valuable knowledge. I now value health education sessions so much. I am so happy because I have put all that I was taught into practice and my children no longer suffer from diarrhea”. As narrated by Elizabeth Zawadi.      

Title: Health and hygiene education ends Zawadi’s son diarrhea reoccurrences

Author: Kauda Sharon

Category: Health

Publish Date: 2022-02-07

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