Nutrition counselling is a two-way interaction through which a client and the nutritionist/dietician interprets the results of the nutrition assessment, identify individual nutrition needs and goals, discuss ways to meet those goals and agree on next steps. The counselling sessions aim at helping clients understand important information about their health and focuses on practical actions to address nutrition needs as well as the benefits of behavioral change.

In January 2022, a total of 265 counselling sessions were conducted by nutrition assistants and nutrition volunteers in zones of Byabakora, Kaborogota, Bwiriza and Kakoni, Kyaka II Refugee Settlement. They targeted all beneficiaries receiving Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program (TSFP) services. Key nutrition challenges identified included inappropriate Maternal Infant and Young Child Feeding (MIYCF) and Water Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) practices. Clients were counselled on optimal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, optimal breast feeding and complementary feeding practices and WASH practices.

During the counselling sessions, the beneficiaries learnt that optimal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation improves the nutrition status of the mother and the unborn child, while good hygiene practices prevent diseases and small frequent feeding when the child is sick increases on the nutrient intake for the sick children. The nutrition assistants noted that clients give inadequate time for their children while feeding and they emphasized active feeding during the counselling sessions.

These findings are then integrated in on-going counselling sessions to ensure behavior change outcomes are maximized throughout the entire Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program.



Title: Nutrition counselling for desired behavioral change

Author: Maria Goretti Kabugho,

Category: Health

Publish Date: 2022-02-07

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