Complementary feeding is the introduction of foods to the children after making 6 months of life as a way of providing them with more nutrients to meet their increased requirements which cannot be reached with breast milk alone. One of the foods that are given is porridge due to its soft texture and palatability. Porridge alone does not have a variety of nutrients in it which therefore makes it necessary to enrich it.

Porridge enrichment involves addition of other food stuffs from other food groups to the porridge as a way of making it nutrient dense and rich in nutrients which they previously were lacking when taken alone. Food stuffs like groundnut paste, eggs, milk, margarine, mukene powder/ mashed mukene, cooking oil among others are some which are commonly used and readily available.



Maize flour, Half cup of milk, margarine, sugar, water

  • Get 8 table spoons of maize flour and add to it half a cup of water and stir to make a uniform mixture
  • Put the mixture on fire to boil while stirring in order to prevent getting clumps for about 30minutes and then add half cup of milk and a table spoon of margarine to it.
  • Leave the formed porridge on fire for about 20 minutes for the milk to also get ready while stirring for the margarine to dissolve and get distributed throughout.
  • After getting ready, it is removed from the fire and one teaspoon of sugar is added to give it taste
  • Leave it for around 5 minutes so that it loses some heat and give it to the child when warm using a cup

This information is part of KRC’s knowledge exchange for the Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme (TSFP) implemented in Kyaka II and Kyangwali Refugee Settlements. On the 16th, 17th and 20th September 2021, a total of 96 (18M and 78F) Care Group Volunteers attended the cooking session from Kaborogota, Byabakora, Bwiriza and Kakoni.

Food displays were set and preparation of nutritionally enriched porridges, soups and triple mix (Kitobero) dishes for infant and young child feeds were prepared by the Care Group Volunteers with the guidance from the Nutrition Assistant and community-based facilitators. Participants tasted the food for palatability.

Maize porridge in particular was found to be a timesaving and less tedious way of dietary diversity because it takes little time and does not require preparation of many separate dishes. It is inexpensive because of the few items involved as compared to the preparation of different dishes.



Title: Porridge Enrichment as a way of dietary diversity for children on complementary feeding

Author: Zziwa Fahad, Nutrition Assistant

Category: Nutrion and food systems.

Publish Date: 2021-10-06

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