KRC Uganda organized a food system workshop on 22nd September 2021 at Kalya Courts in Fort Portal Tourism City. The workshop targeted the Kabarole District Local Government and Fort Portal City Leadership, Civil Society, private sector, coalition of the willing, academia and the media.

The workshop was organised to deliberate on strategies and priorities to promote sustainable food systems in Fort Portal Tourism city and Kabarole District as well as the entire Rwenzori Sub Region.

The workshop was attended by city and district dignitaries including the city mayor, north and central divisions mayors and speakers, Kabarole District Assistant CAO and speaker, technical teams from the district and city and sub county chiefs from the 14 sub counties of Kabarole District.

Also in attendance was BAYLOR-Uganda, Save the children, CARITAS, Y-Factor, Natural Resources Development Initiative, Ile De Paix, Joint Efforts to Save the Environment, Vermipro, Food Rights Alliance, Slow Food Uganda, National Agricultural Research Organization and AFRIYEA), private sector, coalition of the willing, street food vendors and the media.

The participants were taken through a number of presentations ranging from the UN food system agenda, local context of the food safety situation in Kabarole and Fort Portal, food systems and agro ecology and agro ecological products to improve production and productivity.

Following the presentations and discussions, key priority areas suggested by the participants included;

  • Urgent need for an ordinance on food safety
  • Capacity building of the commercial officers, production officers, health inspectors and food handlers in food processing and food safety
  • Continuous community sensitization on food systems
  • Organizing of the different stakeholders in the food systems especially the food processors into associations for easy lobbying and advocacy
  • Continuous market inspections to enable quality of food in the market places
  • Plan for better organized vending spaces in the city to enhance the safety of street food
  • Localizing the implementation of the organic food policy

The leaders committed to work closely with KRC and other partners to improve the food systems agenda in Fort Portal Tourism City and Kabarole District.




Title: The Food Systems Lab workshop

Author: Bwambale Bernard, Food systems and Nutrition Manager

Category: Nutrion and food systems.

Publish Date: 2021-10-06

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