Kasese district is one of the districts in Uganda which is disadvantaged by vagaries of weather, a research by Kabarole Research and Resource Centre has indicated. “As you can see this area is dry food crop and those that you are seeing can’t sustain families,” Kithugu said.One of the members of Kilembe Municipality Farmers’ Group, Mr Simon Kithugu told a visiting team compraised of KRC staff and other members from partner organization that climate change has for long been having diverse effects on their lives. Kithugu said there were no trees, no money and incomes for people around the area all because of the climate changes. He said climate changes experienced in most areas of Kasese are so bad that they have caused poverty and brought about wide spread illiteracy and sometimes deaths of children through malnutrition. Kithugu explained that if it wasn’t because of Mawa Market days that are there on Friday’s and Mondays, there would be no life at all in areas of Kilembe. What should be noted, which is of great significance is that Kasese district geographically lies on the lee ward side of Mount Rwenzori ranges and as a result receive little or less rainfall that can adequately support lives there. The less rainfall received has been responsible for the high poverty levels and starvation of the people in most areas in Kasese Municipality and the entire district. It is for this reason and others that KRC and its partner organizations have embarked on sponsoring pragrammes that are aimed at averting the effects of climate and that are leading to increased poverty in the district. These programmes include the growing of food crops like vegetables using modern methods of farming like mulching and irrigation. Mr John Kayiwa KRC’s FEDU programme Assistant has hope that with these interventions and may others by other stakeholders, illiteracy, poverty and malnutrition will soon be averted using these interventions. “Something must be done and done quickly to save the situation here otherwise problems resulting from the climate change are serious,” Kayiwa said.

Title: KRC Supports Kasese communities tackle effects of climate Change

Author: KRC Uganda

Category: Agriculture

Publish Date: 2017-01-17

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