On the 21st November 2016(this was before the current nasty clash at the Rwenzururu royal Palace-Editor), the leaders from Rwenzori Region that included LC5 Chairpersons, RDCs, RPCs, DPCs, CAOs, DISOs, and the UPDF convened a regional Consultative meeting at Kabarole District Headquarters, to discuss the conflict situation in the Region, openly share information and develop strategies that can promote peace. It was observed some of the leaders were passing on falsehoods to the youth, misleading them into subversive activities. Noted in particular were the individuals who were recruiting and indoctrinating the youth into subversion with a promise of acquiring an independent Yira Republic The Leaders were also concerned that the Royal guards under Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu and Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba were assuming and exercising power beyond their jurisdiction. And this needed to be checked Another disturbing realization at the meeting was that Cultural institutions attempted to create arbitrary and exclusive geo-cultural spaces contrary to the law governing these cultural institutions especially Article 246 of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda and 2011 institution of Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act. However it was observed that the government and CSOs had worked together in a bid to restoring peace and harmony in the region amidst hard environment, and that the current situation in the Rwenzori region required urgent interventions from all actors. The meeting resolved as hereunder; The Central Government; 1. Government should take over the security of cultural institutions and disband the Royal Guards 2. To investigate and bring out the truth regarding the existence or intentions to form the Yiira state/republic 3. Government should clearly guide how two or more cultural institutions can co-exist in one area. 4. The Ministry of Gender and Labour and Social Development to urgently issue and popularize Guidelines on the operations of cultural institutions cognizant of the relevant existing laws governing cultural institutions and the general exercise of cultural and other rights 5. To institute a truth and reconciliation committee to work with all grieved parties and reconcile them 6. To pay immediate attention to the land issues in the region hereby instituting a special technical committee to make a detailed investigation into the land question in the Rwenzori region to among others; compensate legitimate land claimants and also look into the land distribution process between the cattle keepers and the crop farmers in Kasese. 7. To embark on the process of finalizing the National Peace Policy which could help to respond to some of the conflicts Local Governments 1. To address the issue of Nyamisingiri boundary between Ntoroko and Kabarole through the District LC5 Chairpersons consortium 2. To continue educating the communities regarding land ownership issues and land policy 3. LC5 Chairpersons should provide information and counsel to elders that will help to guide the communities 4. To address the issues of the region through a consortium of LC5 Chairpersons The Elders 1. To actively participate in giving right information and guide the youth to avoid dangerous groupings and activities. The Cultural Institutions 1. To stick on their cultural mandate as provided for in the laws of Uganda.. 2. To strive to implement recommendations in the various peace/communiqués and also support values that promote peaceful co-existence. 3. To continue working for peace through their community structures CSOs 1. To give technical and financial support for sensitizing communities up to the village level 2. To continue educating the public and promoting dialogue between conflicting parties Religious Leaders 1. To preach peace, honesty and love for the people in Rwenzori region and the country Media 1. To provide un biased information to the public regarding reporting on conflicts in the region



Category: Policy briefs

Publish Date: 2016-12-08

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