The Maternal Child Health and Nutrition Plus program (MCHN+) is implemented in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement is implemented by KRC Uganda in partnership with Save the Children International through the Care Group approach. The aim of the MCHN+ program is to build capacity of beneficiaries/ community structures to transit from relief nutrition assistance to self-resilience through nutrition sensitive agriculture interventions. Crop growing is part of the MCHN+ activities carried out by some of the lead mothers/ fathers in the different zones of Byabakora.

Kyolusima Bashabe, a lead mother in Byabakora 4 with her 15 neighbour women meets regularly with KRC nutrition project staff for mentorship in health and nutrition practices and promotional messages.

Upon trainings of the community-based volunteers, Kyolusima visits her 15 neighbours, sharing what she has learned to influence behavior change at household level.     Since the piloting of the care group approach in Byabakora zone, Kyolusima and her 15 neighbour women have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills from the MCHN+ program. They are now being able to grow crops as a group, access sufficient food and surpluses for sale to earn an income.

Kyolusima and her 15 neighbour women started on very small piece of land for crop growing but after realizing its benefits, they decided to start saving UGX 5,000 per month per neighbour woman for three months. They accumulated savings of UGX 240,000 shillings from which they used UGX 200,000 to buy a larger piece of land and can now grow crops on a larger scale.

Kyolusima and her neighbour women did not wait for another supply of planting seed from KRC but instead used their own saving of UGX 40,000 to buy seeds on their own to establish kitchen gardens of cabbage, onions, carrots, and egg plants. They plan to diversify into mushroom growing and harvest water for irrigation of their gardens.


Title: From relief nutrition assistance to self-resilience through nutrition sensitive agriculture interventions

Author: By Kauda Sharon, Nutrition Project Assistant,

Category: Nutrion and food systems.

Publish Date: 2022-03-14

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