Young people in the Rwenzori and Bunyoro sub regions are embracing online tools to collectively and collaboratively engage to increase their influencing power in market-driven agricultural systems. Since December 2021, through the community conversations approach, KRC Uganda and youth champions have reached out to over 2,700 people, involving young people, local leaders and other societal stakeholders to build community trust and to identify community issues problematic to development. But the main target of community conversations are young people, aiming to build their capacity and confidence to engage.

A google meeting was thus conducted in January 2022 to take stock of the many community conservations, based on the theme, “Taking stock of the community conversation; Trust and relationship building”. Online engagements were sought to be ideal for the youth to share, network and link together through sharing of experiences, lessons and challenges that they face in their participation in agricultural market systems. Youth engagement through online tools is premised on the urgent need to bridge the digital gap, while overcoming communication barriers imposed by COVID-19 and high logistical costs of travel and conferencing. The google meeting was the ideal place to bring together 45 youths from far and wide to participate in such an eventful online conversation.

Title: Youth explore online spaces for engagement

Author: By Richard Tusiime, Project Assistant

Category: Agriculture

Publish Date: 2022-03-14

Brief Story

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