While refugees face many hardships in the foreign country, aid organisations are supporting them rebuild and live nearly normal lives.

KRC Uganda in partnership with Save the Children International is implementing a nutrition project in Kyaka II refugee settlement targeting breastfeeding mothers under the care group model. Select beneficiaries are supported with planting seeds of assorted vegetables, iron rich beans, orange flesh sweet potato veins and small animals specifically rabbits and guinea pigs.

The project also provides crop agronomy and livestock management extension support with the objective of improving nutrition levels of both mothers and their children and improving household incomes. The KRC Agronomist is only a call-away and regularly reaches out to the project beneficiaries with all the extension support.

Together with KRC Nutritionists, the agronomist also sensitizes beneficiaries on kitchen gardening and vegetable production as a source of food and incomes.

Angela Ingabire, 34 from Kakoni Village in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement testifies of the great impact from the project after being inspired by the trainings in agronomy and mentorships from KRC staff that motivated her to specialise in cabbage and tomato growing.

In the first season of 2021, Angela sold an accumulated amount of (400,000=) Four hundred thousand shillings from her first harvest and (602,500=) Six hundred thousand two thousand five hundred shillings in the second.  She now feeds and pays school fees for her 4 children and has already bought her own seeds and set big and good nursery beds for season one in 2022.

“Ever since I started feeding my children on greens, we rarely get sick hence saving all the money for other basic needs like food, clothing and school fees”.

 Angela Ingabire.

Initiatives like this to support refugees are anchored on Uganda’s acclaimed progressive refugee policy that allows refugees self-settle or live in quite organized settlements with small plots of arable land.


Photo: Angela Ingabire harvests tomatoes for marketing

Title: Supporting refuge households earn income and good nutrition through vegetable production

Author: By Aheebwa Mubarak, Agronomist

Category: Agriculture

Publish Date: 2022-03-14

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