Newsletter for June 2012

Fort Portal Micicipality Memeber of Parliament Hon Alex Ruhunda addressing participants at the Oil and Gas dilaogue that was organised at by KRC in partnership with Tullow Uganda in APril 2012 at Mountains of the Moon University.

In this month’s newsletter, we give highlights of the ‘face the Citizens campaign’-an initiative of Civil Society organizations in the Rwenzori region. The campaign is aimed at creating an interactive forum where leaders and their electorate can

Interface –with leaders giving an update on the promises they made while campaigning for office in early 2011. The rallies have so far brought out a number of un-met pledges, which the leaders promised while they ‘soothed’ the electorates for their votes, but they have not even bothered to deliver or follow up with the technocrats. That the citizens have begun to put their leaders to task and demand for service delivery should be a big development in advocacy for development. For details read KRC Newsletter June 2012

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  1. Thank you for sharing the great information for parents and teens. This is very valuable intnfmarioo. This a tough time of year with all of the festivities going on and many struggle.

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