Information, Research & Communication

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Information, Research & Communication

Report: Information, Research & Communication

Building a knowledge driven economy from the grass roots required KRC to invest in communication infrastructure that resonates to the communication needs of majority farming households. Since the 1996, KRC pursued a protracted communication campaign geared towards stimulating citizen agency on good governance, food security and poverty alleviation in all its facets.

In 2013, KRC conducted a study on farming households in six Districts of the Rwenzori and found out that 84.6 percent of the farming households owned a radio handset, while 95 percent revealed that they had access to radio information regardless of whether they owned a radio or not. This appreciation of a radio as a vital tool for Development and KRC accumulated experience in radio communication led to the establishment of the KRC 102 FM, endeared to many as the“Farmers’ Voice” (Radio y’Omulimi n’Omulisa).

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