Celebrating 20 years
Join the one million tree planting campaign, and run for health.
Celebrating 20 years of Research, advocacy and Community Development
One million tree planting campaign in the Rwenzori region, KRC@20 Marathon.
1st climate change week
Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Uganda Hon. Jacob Oluanya and KRC team During the climate week in Fort Portal
Irrigation schemes
Display of various irrigation technologies by KRC
Food security
Launch of a traditional granery (enguli) promoted by KRC
Progress of Alpha alpha grass to be processed for extraction of animal protein by KRC
Bio-refinery Assembling
Arrival & Assembling of the bio-refinary machine.
Assembling the Bio-refinery
Assembling of the bio-refinary machine at Boma Fort Portal by KRC
The Peoples' food summit
The Peoples' food summit that was organised by KRC in Fort Portal 20th-21st April 2016
4th Rwenzori Climate change week
Farmers at the 4th Rwenzori Climate change week take a tour at the Rwebitaba ZARDI banana dem.plots
4th Rwenzori Climate change week
SPeaker of Parliament Rabecca Kadaga handing over Maize cob grinding machine to Iruhura farmers in Fort Portal
4th climate change week
The Jabulan Arts at the exhibition offered the speaker her portrait. We thank the funders BD & TRIAS

Our Background

Kabarole Research and Resource Center (KRC) is a well-established NGO operating in the Rwenzori Region of Western Uganda. Founded in 1996, with a research mission and a long-term commitment to understanding the measures and drivers of poverty and its solutions, KRC has accumulated substantial experience in research and created numerous development programs based on community analyses of the activities which would be most helpful in achieving sustainable and equitable socio-economic development. Eighteen years of experience in community development work has led KRC to identify a new strategic direction currently being adopted, focused on supporting the need for integration and effectiveness of development research & information, decision making and implementation, reaching to national levels of research, information and policy formation.

Information & Communication

img3Growing the institution’s communication strategy With a goal to

Farmer Enterprise Developement

img2Farmer Enterprise Developement The Farmer Enterprise Development Unit facilitates

Research and Advocacy

Research and Advocacy The research and advocacy unit pursues

Kabarole Research & Resource Centre

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