Major events of 2017

KRC at 20

KRC Logo 2017In June 2016 KRC made 20 years  in research, advocacy and community development.  KRC Board, management and Staff  is therefore inviting all its partners, political leaders, farmer groups, youths, alumni, women and the general public to celebrate its journey of 20 years of research, advocacy and community development. KRC has organized 20th anniversary celebrations beginning the 1st week of March, 2017 and will climax with a series of activities in the last week of March 2017. Some of the activities for the celebrations include;

1. A regional marathon that will be conducted on 25th March in partnership with Fort Portal Regional referral Hospital to raise money for the emergency and accident unit.

2. Official Launch of KRC 102 FM Radio in the afternoon of 25th March 2017 at Mugurusi Road Fort Portal

3. Launch a campaign for growing one million trees in the seven districts of Rwenzori region in partnership with NFA and district authorities

4. Launch of the Bio-refinery factory in Boma-Fort Portal that extracts protein for animal feeds from grass

5. Exhibition of KRC researches, models, approaches and achievements for the last 20 years.

All partners in the Rwenzori Region (Kabarole, Kasese, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa,Ntoroko,Bundibugyo and Kamwenge)

“You are all invited to participate in the KRC @ 20 years celebrations”



As part of the celebration activities, KRC in partnership with Fort portal Regional Referral Hospital has organized a Rwenzori Regional Marathon that will raise money to buy equipments for the Accidents and emergency unit. The equipments will include: Oxygen Concentrator, suction machine and wheel chairs. The marathon will take place on Saturday 25th March 2017 and is targeting all NGOs and CBOs, all religious leaders, all political and technical leaders, business community, KRC alumni, all KRC farmer groups, all KRC beneficiaries,  all schools and the general public. Tickets for the marathon can be bought from KRC 102 FM reception, KRC Offices Reception at Mugurusi Road,  Buhinga Hospital and other agents that will be moving mobilizing resources in the communities.  The cost for the marathon cards : 5,000/= for students,15,000 Ugx for individuals/adults and 300,000 Ugx for corporate companies, elders walk at 15,000 Ugx.

All partners in the Rwenzori Region (Kabarole, Kasese, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa,Ntoroko,Bundibugyo and Kamwenge)

“You are all invited to participate in the KRC 20 years marathon

Message “Run for your health, run for the Accident & Emergency Unit at the Fort Portal regional referral Hospital”.

Marathon registration and selling points

District registration points

  1. Kyegegwa _ KRECS, Matovu Charles
  2. Kyenjojo_ Kind Uganda, Donald
  3. Kamwenge_ YACA, Karungi Joseph
  4. Kasese_  RWECO, Jimmy Baluku Odyek
  5. Bundibugyo_ Rev Smith Tibamwenda, Peace Actor
  6. Ntoroko-RWEPOTA, Lameck Kairumba



The Kasunga 8 Leaders Retreat

The kasunga Leaders Retreat is an annual gathering of leaders across the Rwenzori Region that was initiated by KRC in 2006-mainly to bring together leaders who had had an acrimonious campaign in the 2006 elections. The Retreat was also meant to diffuse the tensions in Tooro kingdom. The Retreat has since grown mileage as it now brings together over 200 leaders drawn from Political, Civil, cultural, and Religious spheres. Kasunga 8 comes against the backdrop of a very successful Kasunga 7,that brought together so many leaders, including the heads of the Bamba and Konzo communities which had just recovered from the ugly July 14 altercations. The event will take place in April 2017  



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