Governance, Policy & Advocacy

Summary :

In order to be able to make meaningful change to the people of our community, it is critical to focus efforts on establishing proper policies and governance.  We have a team of specialists in this field to implement programs that focus on civil education, rights promotion, good governance and social & political accountability.
Through these programs we are able to provide platforms to small holder farmers, PSNs, and PoCs creating an enabling environment to demand for pro-poor policies and effective service delivery.   A multi-disciplinary approach is utilized to this end, such as story telling (Tinfayo) to raise citizens’ awareness on their social, political and economic rights.
This unit also advocates against any form of exploitation & abuse, and promotes accountable leadership and a corruption free society.

Report: Governance, Policy & Advocacy

Enhancing People power for transformative leadership in the 8 Districts of Rwenzori region-funded DGF

Project Goal: The project aims at achieving a civically competent citizenry with ability to demand for a more responsive and accountable state in the 43 sub counties of the 8 districts of the Rwenzori region within 36 months.

Project specific objectives:

To increase knowledge on civil and political rights directly to 100,243 citizens (PWDs, farmers, youths, women, teachers, political leaders, religious leaders, civic educators, change agents) directly and to over 500,000 citizens indirectly in the 43 sub-counties of eight districts of Rwenzori region by 2021.

To increase government capacity to respond to citizens demands in the 43 sub counties of Rwenzori region by 2021.

Main beneficiaries:

The main beneficiaries of this project are the local citizens and leaders in the following categories: Citizens of Uganda (men, women, youths, farmers, teachers, PWDs), Community Process Facilitators and Change Agents, Elected leaders at local council (I-V) and MPs, Civil Society Organisations, media, electoral commission, State agencies like UHRC, Police and religious institutions, institutions of learning and Local Governments


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