Youth innovation Hub

Summary :

The Rwenzori Youth Business and Innovation Hub is an initiative by Kabarole Research and Resource Centre in partnership with Iles De Paix and Imuka Access focusing on incubating and accelerating exceptional business ideas and enterprises by the youth.

Report: Youth innovation Hub

The purpose of the Youth Hub is to facilitate processes of incubating and nurturing ideas into a workable models for youth entrepreneurship, gainful employment and descent work for young people.

It’s envisaged that the actualization of these ideas will meaningfully draw young people into the country’s productive workforce and contribute to reducing the country’s youth unemployment burden and innovation deficit.

Operationalization of the youth hub with partners.

The hub will build a consensus among the stakeholders – KRC (Young Africa Works Program), Iles De Paix and Imuka Access on the focus and agenda of the Youth Hub.

The hub will also establish areas of collaboration between Young Africa Works Program, Iles De Paix and Imuka Access.

  1. To initiate the strategic planning process of the Youth Hub.
  2. To form a steering committee that will govern the Youth Hub and undertake decision making in the affairs of the Youth Hub.
  3. To create guidelines and terms of reference for the core team of the Youth Hub

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