This is composed of the Senior Management Team of the Organization and it is made up of the Director, Deputy Director, Head of Information Unit, Head of Farmer Enterprise Unit, Head of research and advocacy Unit, and Head of Finance Unit. The Senior Management Team is pre-occupied with policy issues of the organization, strategic planning, donor relations, contract negotiations and reports to the board for guidance, direction and approval.

Senior Management Team

Name Title/Position
Mwanga Julius Director
Mohammed A. Shariff Deputy Director & Head of Human Resource
Kabahuma Lillian Finance Manager
Businge Christopher Head of Information Unit
Muzinduki Patrick Head of Research and Advocay Unit
Bihunirwa Medius Head of Farmer Enterprise Development Unit

This is composed of the Management Team of the Organization and it is made up of project managers and the accountant. The team  plays the general management functions of the organization i.e. planning, organizing, staffing, direction and control. The team reports to the senior management.


The technical team does the actual implementation of organizational activities/programs. It is made up of program officers, the transport officer, the accounts Assistant and the Administrative Assistant.


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