• Citizens of Migogwe, decry poor services and organize own face the citizen’s community meeting in Kyegegwa

By Bahigi Primus

Migogwe Parish is one of the 6 parishes of kakabara sub-county, located along Kampala-fort portal Road, and is one of the parishes that KRC has had innervations on civic education since 2013. The citizens in the parish have often decried the poor service delivery by the government especially in the health care system. While the government policy recommends that a citizen should access health centre with 5Kms, the people of Migogwe have to move between 14Km and 24 Km to reach Kakabara Health centre. When the government embarked on the construction of Health centre II on every parish, Migogwe’s Health centre was also constructed but the facility has never been opened despite other health centre II with the sub-county being operational .

image025 Migogwe Health II Constructed at 55M Ugx, but never opened since 2013

In the Tinfayo club and Change agents meetings since 2016, the citizens have expressed the suffering of the people especially in accessing health services, and long distance they have travel to access health care services. Through their leaders, the citizens demand that Migogwe be given a sub-county status so as to have their own functional Health Centre III, own secondary and have administration service near, and Idea that the citizens through their leaders have demanded since 2007 even when Kakabara sub-county was still part of Kyenjojo District.

Influenced by the civic Education Message, and Face the Citizen Rallies organized by KRC, mobilized by the Change agents ; the citizens decided to organize community own rally and invite leaders to explain why Migogwe Parish is neglected in terms of services and why they have delayed to grant it sub-county status, and instead created town councils with kyegegwa.

The rally was organized, and all the sub-county leaders, the District Councillors, and the Woman Member of parliament turned up for meeting that was heated up. All the leaders were not applauded as they entered the meeting place, and the MP was even asked to apologise for coming late -a clear indicator that the citizens have gained confidence and knowledge in holding their leaders accountable.

During the plenary , one participant Mugume wanted to know why leaders had kept a blind eye as mothers walked 20 kilometres to get anti-natal services.   Another enraged citizen, Desire also asked the leaders why other areas were getting administrative units yet Migogwe which started in 2007 was not even included in the plan of 2017/2018 despite presence of the three sub-county resolutions and District resolution of 2012 to that effect.

With over 200 people in attendance the citizens resolved to develop a petition demanding for Health centre, and another demand for the sub-county which the MP agreed to get take to the minster of local government, and the minister of Health so that they voices can be heard.


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