• Kyangwali refugees join massive production of food,seed companies boost efforts

Am called Marterno Abaka a Refugee from Kyangwali refugee settlement a member of a newly formed Rural Producer Organization(RPO) called “locik Kwo’’ an Acholi word which means ‘’The orphan is delivered” . Indeed we were orphans in farming not until KRC with support from WFP delivered us.

I hold the position of the chairperson in this group and on behalf of my fellow group members I recognize the efforts of KRC with support from WFP for changing our community by empowering us with the practical skills and knowledge on how to get sustainable house hold income and ensure food security in our homes through what we are doing and with the little resources we have. Hear in the settlement we have limited land for farming and farming is our major source of income, Through the organized trainings by KRC with support from WFP we have learnt that however small our land is, we have been under utilizing it, now we are exposed and we were linked to different improved seed companies and suppliers like FICA seed company, Masindi seed company, HODIFE seed suppliers and SUBEN seed suppliers.   We were able to access improved seeds which we have planted this season.

The seed companies with aid from KRC staff were also able to set some demonstration gardens about different seed varieties in some of our gardens and they are doing very well with the fastest growth rate we had never seen before.

image005image006Some of the Demonstration gardens set by FICA Seed Company which was linked to Kyangwali refugee settlement by KRC that is influencing production and productivity improvement in the area

We can’t wait to adopt this system with visible evidence, before, we couldn’t believe that this can happen but after seeing it happen in one of our group member’s garden we believe everything is possible. So far as you see us here we have all reserved some money to buy the fertilizer for top dressing our Maize to get more produce at the end of the season. On top of that we are also hopeful to benefit from collective marketing, as a group we have collectively brought our produce together and we are willing to sale as a group at better prices with time. We also call upon other members who are not in groups to join us and benefit from such services which build our capacity because even when we go back home in Sudan this will still have influence on our livelihoods.

As narrated to DAVID BAGUMA

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