• Case stories: Working hours for the health unit & Improved services

Name of storyteller Mugiisa Alex. 0782-332719


From Mpulya III Village
Occupation of story teller VHT member.


Sex Male


Period of change 2017
Date of recording 16/7/2017
Recorded by Jack Nyakairuimage012  

In the past our health unit staff used to come at 10am, or even at times at 11am. As community we didn’t know the right time they were supposed to report for work. We used to come for services and wait for long time before staff would come and give us services. At times they would work up to around 2pm and go away. When patients came in the afternoon, they would not get services.


When we had KRC organized meetings, we emphasized that they should use the time that government recommended. This is the time included in the Health Clients charter

Now they come on time and close late and even offer services at night. Even the number of patients using the health unit has increased because of that.


We attribute this change to the meetings we had with KRC which enlightened us on the working time for the health unit.



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Improved services


Safari Johnimage013


community member






24th July 2017


Kwesiga James


Am called Safari John a residence of Nyantabooma central in Harugongo Sub-county. I have been in this village and accessing health services from Nyantabooma HCII since 1993 now HCIII.

Since its inception, Nyantabooma has been a health centre II and offering very limited services to the people. However some months ago, KRC staff came and mobilized our community members using VHTs and our Chairperson LC1 for meetings.

We also begun seing them organizing meetings with the HC staff.   In our meetings we discussed about the issues that affect us as community members as we come for health services at the Health centre. We don’t how the authorities came to know about the issues that were affecting us because all of a sudden we saw the once known as the Health centre II being upgraded to Health centre III which we believe resulted from the meetings we had with KRC

We are now receiving the services we were yarning to have near our communities like delivery services because pregnant mothers used to be referred to Buhinga referral hospital where they could unnecessarily spend a lot of money on meals and transport for themselves and their care takers. Just last week 5 mothers gave birth from Nyantabooma HCIII including my immediate neighbor called Dina Kabasinguzi. In the meetings, we also discussed the issue of the health centre workers coming late for work, health centre in-charge whom we know as Enock mistreating patients and the health centre was always surrounded by bushes and also with no placenta pit.

Also in the meetings, we sometimes have some HUMC members present who later convene their own meetings and reported the Incharge to the DHO. The in-charge was transferred and we now have a new Health centre incharge. For now the health centre workers try to come early than before and the health centre compound is always slashed and the placenta pit is now in place. I and the community members thank KRC for helping us conduct the meetings which have led to an improvement at our health centre.


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